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How to Thoughtfully Upgrade Your Home When You Need More Space

  • Laura Rice
  • 11/28/22

When your house is no longer working for you, there are several things you can do. One option is moving and buying a new house which meets your needs. However, moving is not for everyone. For some, their home is in the perfect area, or they just cannot move for some reason. Many people love their homes. Fortunately, there are other options, especially for those whose biggest issue is a lack of space.

Rather than moving, a renovation or upgrade to your current home may be your best bet. More and more people are looking into upgrades, with projections for 2022 predicting a 13.8% increase in spending on home improvements. Here are some ways to strategically upgrade your house when you need some more space.

Open up the floor plan

In the past, the popular style for housing was each room having a clear function and being sectioned off from the rest of the house by walls, and if your house is not newly built, it may be designed similarly. Nowadays, however, the open floor plan is more popular, and for good reason. Removing the partition walls can result in more space, more options for layout, and a more spacious impression.

The areas most used for open-concept spaces are the common areas -- the kitchen, living room, and dining room. With the walls taken down, people use the dining room table or a kitchen island to help the rooms flow together. An island will provide more seating and more storage, giving the homeowner more additional space.

One thing to keep in mind when creating an open concept is the walls themselves. Some walls are only there to divide the space and can be removed with no problems, but some are load-bearing, which means they support the second floor or the roof. A load-bearing wall cannot be removed without adding support beams, either along the ceiling or in posts. Hiring a contractor can help you know which walls are load-bearing and how to deal with them while still opening up your space.

Finish or convert the attic or basement

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If your home has an attic or basement you are not using, converting it into a usable room is a cost-efficient way to increase space. Not only will finishing these areas add space, but it will also add value to the home. Finishing a basement often includes relocating wiring, plumbing, and ductwork, while adding windows, doors, and ventilation, along with emergency exits and natural lighting. Meanwhile, attic remodels sometimes require increasing framing and adding a staircase. What the finished basement or attic is used for is entirely up to you. Many people use it as another common room, like a tv or game room, while others use it to add more bedrooms. The possibilities are limitless.

Creative use of space

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Sometimes optimizing the use of the current space and being creative in how it is used can be more effective than actually adding square footage. If your house has high ceilings, you can make use of the extra vertical space to add storage, a lofted bedroom, or whatever else is needed. Creating a loft increases floor space, which can be used for anything, such as additional space in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

In addition to actual added, usable space, some small changes can make a room look bigger. Light-colored walls and mirrors make a small room look bigger and brighter, while more windows or a skylight bring in natural light, which can also improve the look of the house.

Create more storage space

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Having more storage space can affect everything from making the house less cluttered to making more room for additional furniture. There can never be too much storage in a home. For example, adding cabinets in the kitchen or the living room can be a big help. One great place for additional storage is under the stairs in a closet, shelves, or drawers, where you can store things out of the way.

Meanwhile, built-in shelving around a fireplace or tv can look great as well as give you a new place to keep things. Adding window seats increases seating as well as possible storage with lift-up seating or more built-in shelves, while bookcases fit into hallways and bedrooms. If you use every possible inch of space, it might be unnecessary to add more square footage.

Change up the furniture

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Sometimes your current furniture might be too big proportionally for your house. When this is the case, the furniture takes up a lot of room which could be used. Finding furniture which is more streamlined and less bulky can make a big difference in any space. As an example, you could replace two twin beds with a bunk bed or swap out a king bed with a queen.

Building an addition

If all else fails, an addition will give you the space you need. There are many options for additions. Some invest in a completely separate building, like a shed which can be used for storage or another room. If there is space on the lot, some people will build out, adding another room or set of rooms on the side of their house.

However, sometimes the available property does not have the room for a separate or side addition, and in this case, building up may be your best bet. Second or third-story additions often gain more space than an addition built outward and will often work better if more bedrooms and bathrooms are what is needed. Fortunately, no matter what addition you choose to make, if a space-creating renovation is done well, it will always add value to your house.

Upgrade to a new home

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