Moving into a new home

Changing Jobs & Locations? Here’s What You Need to Know

  • Laura Rice
  • 09/19/22

Moving is an often necessary experience, but there can be some joy in it, too. Even under the best of circumstances, though, moving can be difficult, expensive, busy, and just all-around stressful. However, the result is often worth the hassle.

For those moving because they have had a change of employment, the relocation can be very different than moving for any other reason. For one thing, there is usually less time to move when a new job is involved. But there are ways to handle moving with minimum stress. If you are preparing to move due to a new professional position, there are some things you need to know.

Do the research

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Whether or not you have accepted the position already, research is a great resource for moving. It is nice to know how the cost of living differs from where you currently live and great to know what the new home has to offer you and your family, from favorite hobbies to schools to restaurants. Researching general information on the new job, employer, and location can always be helpful. If at all possible, visit the community where you are moving to become familiar with it.

Research the location

Of course, it is always best to know as much as possible about your new community before moving there. For example, if your employer is in Louisville, KY, and you’re moving to St. Matthews, read up on the St. Matthews, KY, real estate market, the surrounding community, and nearby amenities.

St. Matthews offers a variety of annual events, such as the Community Street Festival in May, the Halloween in Brown Park, and the December Light-Up St. Matthews, as well as several community events like movie nights and group activities. Several parks are nearby, and ballparks and pavilions are available with reservation.

The Jefferson County Public School District serves St. Matthews. As the largest school system in Kentucky, it boasts 165 quality schools, while some stellar private schools are also available.

The city of St. Matthews possesses a unique energy and ambiance, which continues to appeal to businesses and homeowners. St. Matthews, KY, real estate is consistently in high demand, partially due to the companies relocating to the area.

What is your new company's relocation policy?

Some businesses will help with relocation costs — sometimes with a specific amount, a signing bonus, or a padded offer. Once you have accepted the position, one of the first things you should do is ask what the relocation services might be and find out what your options are. Some companies do not provide these services, but it does not hurt to ask. If they offer you some, make sure to review the repayment obligation so you are aware of all your responsibilities. Do not hurry to spend all of the relocation package, just in case the job does not work out and you have to pay them back.

Planning pre-move

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If you are well-organized and make plans early, this goes a long way in lowering the stress of a move. With so much to remember, writing down lists can be a lifesaver, whether they come naturally to you or if you’ve never made one in your life. Make a list of everything you need to do, make a list of everyone who needs to be notified about your change in address, and make a list of all the services you need to cancel.

An excellent idea is to make a list of everything you’ll need in the first week or two after moving. These essentials, such as business clothes, toiletries, chords, electronic devices, and other necessities, should be packed into an easy-to-access box. That way, you can avoid digging through a dozen boxes looking for your toothbrush or phone charger.

Creating a budget is another good idea, whether or not the company is assisting with expenses. Costs, like repairing your old house to put up for sale and replacing your stock of groceries and cleaning supplies once you arrive, can add up quickly, and most people do not think about them.

Plus, of course, there is the actual cost of moving all your belongings. Are you hiring movers or moving on your own? What would gas cost? Creating a budget not only provides a realistic number to give the company if they are helping with costs but also helps you to know what you can afford now and what should wait until you are more established.

Planning post-move

Once the actual move is over, there is still plenty to do, and keeping on top of it does wonders for lowering your stress level. It’s important to plan out how you will commute to work and to essential amenities, like the grocery store and drugstore. The last thing you want is to be late on the first day, so scoping out the public transportation or the best roads is good preparation. Also, try to make any necessary appointments, like the internet set-up, for example, as soon as possible. 

Laura Rice

The best advice for relocators and the suggestion that will make the most difference is to get the help of a professional who knows the area and the moving process well.

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